Keraštuk plaster mixtures have been designed for interior and exterior plasters. They form a part of the Alphabet painting marking developed by Sedlecký Kaolin, a.s. for better customer orientation. A product quality control system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 is used for the Keraštuk production.

Basic components of the Keraštuk plaster mixture:

  • Fine silica sand
  • Washed kaolin
  • Lime and an organic bonding agent

Use of the Keraštuk plaster mixture:

  • Keraštuk is supplied as a paste that enables its immediate use. Once dry, the plaster is grey-white and does not have to be painted over. Consumption depends on the quality of the base surface. For example, consumption is 2-3 kg/m2 for a layer 1.5 mm thick.

Sedlecký Kaolin, a.s. manufactures two types of the Keraštuk mixture:

  • Keraštuk K, designed for thin-layer interior plasters for walls made of concrete panels and for stucco plasters applied to basic (core) wall and ceiling plasters
  • Keraštuk V, designed for thin-layer exterior plasters on low-exposure surfaces with basic core plasters or on concrete panels

Packaging of the Keraštuk plaster mixture:

  • Plastic carry-on buckets on pallets, 120 pieces (4 kg a piece), 72 pieces (8 kg a piece), or 39 pieces (15 kg a piece)
  • Plastic buckets 40 kg (barrels), 12 pieces per pallet
  • Pallets (EURO, unmarked) with a top cover panel, wrapped in PE foil
  • Fastened with a steel band
  • The 4, 8, 15 and 40 kg packages have been designed for retail and small customers
  • POPH bags (50 kg) with an internal PE bag (not on pallets), cages and playpens – designed for construction sites and large customers

The Keraštuk plaster mixtures are made at the Božičany plant.

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