and ceramics

The PKZ Keramika Poštorná plant, which forms part of the Sedlecký Kaolin a.s. network, produces pottery for agricultural use, lining acid-resistant pottery, and sewerage system and chemical pottery. The pottery high quality and has been supplied to the Czech as well as international markets for several years.

We use several materials mined and quarried at Sedlecký Kaolin, a.s. to produce ceramics.

They are primarily medical and technical ceramics. The most important utility ceramics include table sets, kitchen ceramics, and manually formed and cast vases.

Our garden ceramics portfolio includes flowerpots and their packaging, cemetery ceramics and ceramic containers for large plants. Moreover, we produce frost-resistant, antiskid pavement tiles, troughs and feeders, feeding bowls for horses, ceramic feeders and bowls.

We have also commenced the production of modern sinks using Italian technology.

Sedlecký Kaolin, a.s. is also a subcontractor for other ceramics, porcelain and ceramic pavement manufacturers.

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