Tests conducted at the Božičany Central Laboratories

(You can request the corresponding test prices from the Božičany Central Laboratories)

The central laboratories continuously monitor quality parameters related to the production of kaolin and other products by Sedlecký Kaolin, a.s. Individual services are also provided to external customers.

  • Chemical analyses of inorganic materials using the Bruker XRF-S4 Pioneer X-ray fluorescence analyser
  • Diffraction mineralogic analyses (XRD Bruker D8)
  • Semiquantitative, standard-free analyses (up to 70 elements)
  • Whiteness/colourfulness measurements using the Datacolor SF 600 plus machine: R457, CIE L* a*b*, various illuminations pursuant to CIE, standard observer 2°, 10°
Granulometry measurements:
  • Granularity under wet conditions within the 1-60 µm range: sedimentation analyses – Sedigraph
  • Measuring powder granulometry under dry conditions using the RODOS laser machine (0-35 µm and 0-875 µm)
  • Granularity measurements – sieve analyses under dry and wet conditions (various eye dimensions)
Technological tests of ceramic raw materials and compounds:
  • Rheologic characteristics of individual suspensions/rotation/skid/torsion + flow viscosity meter
  • Bending strength/digital MICRO-SENSOR
  • Speed of shell creation from a liquified suspension in a gypsum form
  • Liquification tests of kaolins and clays
  • Shrinking by drying and firing + overall shrinking/firing at temperatures of up to 1,340°C
  • pH + methylene blue absorption
  • Abrasiveness of paper kaolins/Abrasionstester 5000
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