and development

The objective is to keep developing new materials and products that meet market demands, using our own raw materials as much as possible, and to develop new technologies for processing silicate raw materials. One condition for successful research and technological development is submitted and accepted patents and utility designs. Cooperation with universities and research institutes and utilization of grants are a matter of course.

The research and development needs of all Sedlecký Kaolin, a.s. branches are secured by the Department of Technical and Technological Development in cooperation with the Research Institute of Non-ore Raw Materials in Karlovy Vary – Všeborovice.

In technical and technological development, we also focus on the development and use of:


  • Kaolins:
    • with high whiteness after firing
    • with high whiteness after drying
    • with very fast shell creation
    • with a defined granularity composition of the given mixtures
    • with a fine feldspar-silica mixture
  • Kaolins and clays with high strength after drying and firing and with high aluminium oxide content
  • Pliable Sedlec la kaolin, with increased potassium oxide content
  • Pliable kaolins with high aluminium oxide content
  • Fired ceramic mixtures of high whiteness and low absorbency after firing
  • Bentonite and zeolitic materials for feedstuff
  • High-aluminium fired kaolins
  • Firing technology for kaolins and their mixtures
  • Metakaolins for cement production and the construction industry, and for the production of geopolymers
  • Pozzolan production technology (powder, paste, semidry mixtures)
  • Fillers with high whiteness and very fine granulometry
  • Lightweight fireclay with high heat resistance and carbon monoxide resistance
  • Pliable clays for sanitary ceramics
  • Modified, sorted ceramic clays
  • Dry processing technology for silicate raw materials
  • Fine-grain, feldspar-silica mixtures
  • White paints based on fine, non-pliable fillers
  • Plasters
    • Exterior stucco plasters with increased resistance to aggressive chemical compounds, as well as dry plaster mixtures
  • Light sorbents with very high absorbency
  • Litter for cats and small animals with natural aromatic additives
  • Zeolites and their mixtures
  • Natural materials that influence bonding ability and the ability of soil substrates to retain nutrients
  • Natural liquifying agents that utilize humic acids, etc.
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